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In this section the e-tivities (online learning activities) for students are grouped into categories according to their potential function. It must be noted that one specific e-tivity may serve various functions and be performed with more than one Web 2.0 tool. Also, more traditional Internet tools like e-mail, instant messaging, forum, chat, and videoconferencing may also be used for the implementation of e-tivities, but the focus of our project was to present ideas and solutions that predominantly use Web 2.0 tools.

Besides this wiki page, more than 30 e-tivities were designed for language learning and tested in classroom by out team member Andreja Kovačić. The e-tivities for language learning were divided into predominantly extensive e-tivities, predominantly intensive e-tivities, and session openers.

The term e-tivity was introduced in a book written by G. Salmon. The e-tivities that are presented here are adapted for the use of Web 2.0 tools and in most cases substantionally redesigned having in mind the e-tivities proposed by Janac et al. (1997) and Iverson (2005).


Attention and motivation / Session openers


Citation or interview



Funny Nobel prize / Better without it

Directing / Focusing / Guidance

Overview of earier learning

Guided discovery

Guided reading

At the top

Goal definition

Concept development / Cognitive learning

Analogies old-new

Examples and non-examples

Photo / video illustrations

E-clippings / Copy-paste

Activity analysis

Knowledge acquisition / Practice

Organizational activity

Situation background

Questions for review


Chronicles or Timeline

Constructivist teaching and learning


Lie or truth

Field trip / Internship report

Case study

Virtual or imaginary world

Group conversation / Idea generation

Brainstorming / Brainwriting




Focused dialogue / Storytelling

Collaborative learning / Peer learning


Individual or team research

State of the art

Personal diary / Documentation of learning

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