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Main purpose

Diigo is tool which enables creation of online bookmarks, web annotations and collection of useful information all in one place with possibility of collaborating with others in a very advanced and practical way.

  • It is useful tool for scientific researchers, students and for all those who have found interesting sites and information among many sites (information) on the Internet and want to have it saved and organized all in one place.

The main aim of the designers of this tool is to develop powerful collaborative tool that enables management of personal information which includes collection of web sites and data (screenshots, pictures, notes, etc), highlighting of important parts of the text, easy access to information, possibility to share this information with others, and to access to this personal information database on a variety of devices (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad ...).

Useful information

To start bookmarking your favourite sites you need to create an account. And if you want to exploit all of the potential of this tool you need to install Diigo toolbar.

Join Diigo sign up option for new users; Sign In option for existing users.
Presentation video about this tool you can see on this link.

Pros & Cons


  • works on every browser type
  • collection of web sites, pictures, screenshots, audio....
  • possibility to organize the data in to Lists (organization of items into "folders" )
  • saving data you found on the Diido Servers
  • enables highlighting of text
  • enables putting sticky notes on the text
  • enables group collaborative research
  • works on many different platforms (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad ...)
  • possibility to create network of people you know
  • possibility to create groups and to join different groups
  • watch and save Diigo community links


  • there is no possibility of grouping tags in a tag bundle
  • to use advanced options user must have premium account
  • no possibility of exporting bookmarks and other items
  • the link description is limited only to 1000 characters


Tool accessibility test (28 July 2010)

Server Response Time test performed from Seattle, WA / Munich, Germany / Brisbane, Australia : 0.229 sec / 1.094 sec / 1.323 sec

Server Response Time Scale: Less than 0,1 = Optimal; 0,1 - 1 = Acceptable; 1 - 4 = Noticable but tolerable delay; 4 - 8 = Bearly tolerant delay

This tool has help included on the tool's webpage (link): http://help.diigo.com/

There is no possiblity of changing the type or size of fonts in the tool (it can be done only as a browser functionality).

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