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Main purpose

is a service that provides the ability to store bookmarks and manage (social bookmarks) on the web.

Delicious It enables the tagging of bookmarks that users can easily search them. Each user also has the ability to share bookmarks with others and the ability to reviewing other users' bookmarks and to add them as yours. Users can access their bookmarks from any computer in the world, anytime, because all records are stored in one place, the online database service.

Useful information

The figure below shows the way to register and login to web service. If there is delicious account, the figure point from 1 to 4 show the way to register or open an account on the web service. Paragraphs 5 and 6 present application is a way to service after they've completed the registration process

Register and login to web service Delicious

Pros & Cons


  • Save bookmarks
  • Tag bookmarks
  • Share bookmarks via Delicious, Twitter, or via e-mail
  • View the most popular bookmarks
  • Private and public bookmarks
  • RSS feed


  • Can't save multiple words as one tag
  • Can't make preview of saved web page


Tool accessibility test (28 July 2010)

Server Response Time test performed from Seattle, WA / Munich, Germany / Brisbane, Australia : 1.054 sec / 0.720 sec / 1.702 sec

Server Response Time Scale: Less than 0,1 = Optimal; 0,1 - 1 = Acceptable; 1 - 4 = Noticable but tolerable delay; 4 - 8 = Bearly tolerant delay

This tool has help included on the tool's webpage (link):

There is no possiblity of changing the type or size of fonts in the tool (it can be done only as a browser functionality).

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