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Computers changed the world a lot. Today everyone knows that this is the age of computers and vast majority of people are using them. Computer development has direct effect on our daily life as well as on our social life. Since computers became a part of our life, they are not only tools for working or studying but also a great device for communication. On the one hand this “crazy“ trend has it's positive sides but on the other hand there is also a lot of negative ones. We can say without any doubt that computers became one of the best friends of people. But human beings are not born with any social abilities – we have to learn all of these stuff. Computers may stop or better to say, slow down that process.

Impact of computers on social life

Social network services

Social network services are web-based services that enable participants to built a public profile within a enclosed system and to connect other users. They are connections on making connections among people, e.g., who are having common interests, activities, or they are living in the same geographic area. Top social network services are: profile-based : Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and others: Skyrock, Friendster, Shelfari, Ning, Second Life, World of Warcraft.

Positive impact of computers on social life

First and foremost one of the advantages is that participants can use sites for interacting with people they already know or to make a new relationship. One of the positive sides is the fact that we can communicate with our friends more often. Thanks to Facebook, blogs and some other websites we can see pictures of our friends which live far away, making us feel we are still part of their lives in a way. But those kind of interactions using computer technology are not entirely limited to the friends, family and co-workers anymore. For shy people is hard to connect with others in person, because they do not go out so often like an outward person normally does. In that situation computers are perfect medium to help them to find a partner, a friend, etc. With help of different chat rooms they can be more relaxed and show how smart and funny they really are. Not only computers help us in finding partners but also in finding friends. If you are different from the environment surrounding you, you could be, maybe not on purpose, ignored by others. But, on the Internet you can find your peers and be appreciated for who you are. Last but not least, most of social networking sites are free.

Negative impact of computers on social life

"Some are beginning to talk to their computer (Come on, let's work!) but they are not any more able to talk to each other." (Eva Ukowitz)

Above all advantages and positive sides of having a computer there are also negative sides. To start with the fact that today almost every person who has his/her own computer spends a lot of time sitting and surfing on the Internet. There is no need to annotate how unhealthy that is for our eyes and overall well-being. That is very concerning but what is even more concerning is the fact that the younger generation would rather communicate through computers because that is easier than actually working towards making friends or finding love the good old fashion way. People break up in e-mails rather than facing the person because that is more easier for them. Besides the fact that people spend far too much time on computers it is very often that they lose touch with the reality as far as social activities and learning social skills are concerned. In Japan that problem is so emphasized that some people get married to the characters from the computer games!! Though you have the possibility to meet many people on the internet, frequent use of this will cause loneliness because you won't have real friends anymore. There is a problem that some people just stop existing because they have no real life, they actually lose themselves in the process. They only exist on the Internet with their avatars in the chat room. Computers have also an impact on rising levels of addiction to porn contents. Actually „thanks” to computers the hardcore porn industry (including child porn) has very expanded. That is a huge problem and it can destroy every relationship or marriage. Furthermore a large number of psychopaths are out there and you never know with what kind of person are you dealing with/talking to. Kidnapping, violation and other types of abuse are more often due to the impact of computers on human lives.

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Eventually, computers came into every family and effectively influence our usual life. They helped the world a lot and helped us to take a large step into the future. Plenty of advantages that we mentioned in the text are definitely overshadowed by negative influences of computers on social life. There are positive and negative impacts of computers on social life, but everything in the great measure depends on human being itself. They are authors of their happiness or misery. Computers are offering a lot of possibilities and everyone can choose in which measure will use them. But almost everything is solvable: “Your problems are only as big as you make them. They can seem like a ripple, or a tidal wave. But you are always the only one who creates it.”







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