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Since the massive usage of computers and internet, politicians found it very good to advertise themselves online.Before it was hard to get all the information you wanted to know about the certain political party, or political candidate, and computers made it much easier for normal people to inform themselves.Although media such as radio and television might be good enough for political parties to advertise themselves, internet has recently jumped in popularity, so by using it they reach younger people much more easily.Also,when it comes to working in the office politicians easily exchange informations, share documents,or communicate with each other without much problems.

Positive effects of computers on politics

A good thing, when it comes to politicians themselves is that they can write their work down on the computer, organize the data they have written, and make it available in a lot of different formats. For example, if a political party wanted to write down their whole program of their political campaign, everything they will do, or have done, and make it available to everyone that wanted to know it, they could easily write it down on the computer, rather then using paper. So that means, organization of files has been improved a lot. Additionally computers and the internet are very good thing when it comes share of information. Nowadays a lot of people use computers it was not like that before. Before the only contact people had with their representatives was usually during elections by mass mailings, having seen their political party on television, billboards and so on. Internet is a very accessible tool, and it is very easy for political parties to show people their detailed views about some issue going on, as well as everything they made concerning the issue. Also an positive side with computers, is the ability to analyze all the information far more easily. For example, when it comes to counting the votes of the people when there is an election, it is a lot easier to send the information via the internet to the central place where all the votes are counted, and just using a computer program count them all up, and show the percentages of the person who won most of the votes. Addition to all of these attributes, is the ability to use computers as a way to communicate between politicians. An example of that might be, that if a certain member of the party is not present, that he is on a business trip, far away from the country, he can make a virtual meeting with his colleagues and easily establish communication, and solve the problem that is at hand. Even though there are a lot of advantages when it comes to computers and politics, there are also some minor disadvantages.

Negative effects of computers on politics

Although, it might not seem at first that computers have bad effects when it comes on politics, but they can be exploited in various ways. For example, an opposing political party might write bad reviews about your party on the internet, that their way of solving problems is far more superior then yours, that your party doesn't deserve to be elected, and so on. They could use computer technicians to break into your parties computers, and steal valuable information, and use it against you. Also when it comes to election day, even though there must not be advertising that day according to the law, people can still receive emails from opposing parties to give the vote for them, rather than for you. One other problem when it comes to computers is, if you as a politician store your data on your computers hard drive, and you do not make backups, if it breaks down, you have lost everything you have worked for. That are the problems of computers. They might be a great way to store data and information , and share it with people you want to, but they are not always as secure as a piece of paper you might write, and give directly to the person you wanted it to come across.


Computers have made a large impact on politics, they have improved the way of the communication between the politicians and common folk. Addition to that, they have made all information given by political parties easily accessible. The only thing that is not yet used when it comes to elections,is voting via the internet. They have used the system of online voting for the last USA president elections, and founded it as a great way to make people actually vote for their representatives. It is a lot easier, and takes a lot less time, and it is the most effective way to get people to vote. It is just a matter of time, when it will be implemented in every country, and every election.

By Ivan Mujan & Benjamin Petrinec G22,

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