Googlism- a new religion?

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Googlism- a new religion?

Definitely a theme that is worth talking about. People on the Internet are too much exaggerating the meaning of this simple Internet search engine. Although, the real question is why are the most people on the Internet using exactly this search engine. If you type in your Internet browser, whichever browser you use, Googlism, you will end up with several results for that word. Between those links is the one that is currently relevant for this theme, The Church of Google. On that site you fill find themes like Google is God, Google prayers and etc. Most people opinions are that, literally, a normal search engine does not deserve such respect and attention. Although, Google as the biggest search engine on the world could be referred as all-knowing such as God is presented. Also Google, with the progress of technology and growth of the Internet, is omnipresent, such as God is. One more is that Google is potentially immortal and infinite because the Internet can grow forever and with the Internet Google likewise and it could never be destroyed or extinguished because every time a server that would fall a new one would replace it. There is more evidence about the similarity between God and Google, but the one that is most fascinating, is not a similarity, Google's existence is confirmed, on the other side the existence of God is NOT. So, there is enough proof for any person that believes in any form of God to believe in the so called Googlism, isn't there? But, really who is dumb enough to believe in a omnipresent search engine?


Certainly, Google is the biggest, most popular and most used search engine. But those facts do not have to say that it’s the best. People got used to search everything they need from the Internet through Google, so it became today what it is, A Internet religion (in some way). All those facts I pointed out earlier don’t necessarily mean that Google is a religion, those similarities with God show only how people get used to/ become fond of ordinary things like technology gadgets and programmes. In this conclusion I will say a few other facts. Googlism really exists, and it has its own organisation and community. It has its own prayers, commandments, arguments and its church. You can even become a Minister within the community, you can promote the community, there is even defined who is Satan (Microsoft) if Google is God. The founders name is Matt MacPherson. But the non-googlists, believers in other religions have their own word to say about mocking religions. People who harshly deny and reject Googlism as a religion say that people are wasting their time on a bogus and idiotic religion. They say that Google is man-made and as such it can’t be God, but the googlists have a response to that too:” The Bible is man-made!” Earlier in this topic it is said that Google can do no bad, but you can find how to build a bomb, you can find porn etc. The response:” Google give us free will and a choice between good and bad.” In the end, the choice is yours.


Kruno, G13

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