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Student Exchange



:) Exchange students experiences:

This website could wake up your interest to participate in one of student exchange programs. Students who participated in student exchange talk about their experiences. Stories are really interesting. You should read them.

:) Student Exchange Australia:

This is a website of the Student Exchange Australia Ltd. It is an Australian not-for-profit company registered as a secondary exchange organisation with Departments of Education around the country. This company offers many exciting programs for summer time, semester or year. Students may visit Canada, Italy, France, Japan and other countries to meet their cultures and get unique experience.

:) International Student Exchange Programs:

ASSE is the world leader in internationl student exchange programs and language programs. It is a "World of possibilities" and offers you:education, adventure, self discovery, success...

:) Rotary Youth Exchange:

If you are ready for challange, the Rotary Youth Exchange is the best choice for you. As a Rotary Youth Exchange student, you will bearn a new way of living and great deal about yourself.

:) Summer Work Student Exchange:

This website is about Canadian program of summer work student exchange. The program is interesting because of its purpose. Students have opportunity to work, live with host family and improve their second-language skills.

:) CARNet Student Exchange:

The text is about CARNet's activities in the field of student exchange. Students may get some professional experience participating in CARNet's project. This project is still growing.

written by: Sandra Benkotich & Dejan Cehulich

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